Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Revlon Whimsical Mattified and Ellen DeGeneres in Melbourne!

This polish has been sitting on my shelf for nearly a year. I have absolutely no idea why I never got around to wearing it but I like it more than I thought I would and I wish I had worn it sooner!

On my nails is one coat of Revlon Whimsical over a coat of GR501 which is a mint coloured polish from The Face Shop. Whimsical is very sheer and would probably need well over three coats before reaching opacity, which is why I decided to layer it over another polish.

Whenever I wear glitter on my nails, I'm always inclined to mattify it and so on top of Whimsical, I added a layer of Etude House's Real Matte top coat.


Ellen DeGeneres has been in Australia for the past few days and she had her Melbourne show yesterday! Ellen is probably one of my favourite people and I've been super excited for her to come down here. My friend and I took the day off uni and I managed to see her show yesterday! The crowds were absolutely crazy and it was hard to take a decent photo of her, but you can check out her website (click here) for a few snapshots of the day.

I did however, manage to meet and take a photo with Jeannie, who has regularly appeared on her show for the last few years. She was so cute! It was overall a really good day! If I ever go to America, one of the things I MUST do is go to an Ellen show.

with Jeannie Klisiewicz from The Ellen Show

It's also Easter soon so I've been in quite a happy mood all week! Easter is one of my favourite times of the year probably because of the overload of chocolate in my house, but I also love the massive chocolate clearance sales after the holiday is over! (Die-hard chocolate lover right here.)

I hope everyone has an awesome Easter! Enjoy the chocolate, or enjoy even just the break from school/work. Happy Easter! ^^

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Hong Kong Part 3: Digital Perm Experience

This is the last part to my "Hong Kong Holiday" posts and it's about my digital perm experience which I got done while I was there.

I was born with extremely straight and flat hair and I found myself always envying all the people with volume and those really nice curls! I've read and watched a few blog posts and videos on digital perms but I never really considered getting it done since I was in Melbourne and I kind of assumed that it would be really, really expensive here.

I was only planning on getting a haircut whilst in Hong Kong but after talking to the hairdresser, I decided to get the digital perm and I don't regret it at all!

I was only able to take one photo at the time, but I will go through the process and some details in this post, and of course include what the perm looks like afterwards.


What is a digital perm?

Firstly, for those of you who don't know, a digital perm is a perm which involves hot rollers that are heated digitally to a specific heat and time, and aims to produce curls or waves which last for 4 months (or more).



1. Wash and cut

My hair was washed first, and then that was followed by a trim - my hair was originally VERY straight and quite long (a few cm above belly button) and about 5cm was cut.

2. Heat activated chemical solution 

I decided that I wanted my curls to start from below my ears, and so the next step was to put a heat activated chemical solution in the sections of hair which were going to be permed. After the solution was in, a large sheet of glad-wrap type plastic was wrapped over my head, and then my head was put under a hair steamer which would then allow the solution to be fully saturated into my hair.

3. Wash

The steamer was over my head for about 10 minutes and after my hair cooled down, it was washed again.

4. Rollers

My hair was put into rollers and then clipped to this octopus/alien looking machine. Photo below.

5. Heat

Once the rollers were all secure, the machine is programmed, turned on and then it started to heat up. I think it was on for about 10-15 minutes.

6. Solution

Another solution is put into my hair and then left to absorb for about 10 minutes.

7. Final wash and blow dry

My hair was washed once more, then my hairdresser blow dried it and also went through the basics of maintaining the curls.


The photo above was taken about 5 days after I got the perm, and is after my hair has been twirled with my fingers and then left to air dry.

Time, Price and Salon:

The entire process took around 3 and a half hours and it costed approximately AU$125. At the salon I went to, I actually had the choice between a couple of different solutions which started at a little over HK$300 and went up to HK$1200, but I chose the $900 one. Basically, the more expensive the solution, the less damaging.

The salon I went to is called Salon One and it's located in Kwai Fong. Coming from Melbourne, I've NEVER actually needed to leave any tip for the hair salons I've been to... but I found out that in Hong Kong it's pretty much a requirement. I didn't know this and I didn't leave a tip and I feel SO BAD. The workers there were so nice, and I was really happy with both my hairdresser and the service there.... I still feel so bad! :(


If you have any questions about digital perms, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll try my best to help you out. :)

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Hong Kong Part 2: Shopping

Hong Kong is an amazing place to travel to - one thing that always stands out when I visit is how great their public transportation system is. It's super easy to get around in HK because everything's got English on it, and I never had to wait over 5 minutes for any train which is AMAZING compared to the 20 minute waiting periods I get in Melbourne sometimes.

But this post isn't about transport - I apologize for getting slightly carried away up there - it's about shopping. And gosh, Hong Kong is a perfect place to go if your a shopper!

There are a heap of designer brands in Hong Kong like Burberry, Louis Viutton etc etc but I spent most of my shopping time at shops which I don't have access to in Melbourne and those are the stores that I will be blogging about in particular. These stores are all pretty much in the low to medium price range ... so definitely are all affordable. 

Okay so firstly? Forever 21. I know that international shipping is available on their US site, but it's crazy expensive so although I've browsed their online store a heap of times, I've never made it past the checkout. The total price in the end just never seems worth it.

 There's only one store in Hong Kong and it is located in Causeway Bay and has six Levels. Yeap, SIX levels. I found that the clothes weren't as cheap as they are online, but are still very affordable nonetheless as most items ranged from AU$20-$35.

Causeway Bay is a very busy and touristy place and because of this as well as the fact that there is only one F21 store, it gets pretty crowded from about 2pm everyday. Hong Kong shopping centres are filled with people most of the time - even on weekdays - which is why I like to do all my shopping in the morning because I like to shop in a more quieter, less hectic environment. (note: most shops open at around 10am-11am though)

The one thing I didn't like about Forever 21 was the fact that there were pretty much no sales when I was there. I know the clothes are cheap, but I'm always hearing people talk about the amazing sales F21 has at all the other stores throughout the world- why not Hong Kong?!

I think I spent about two and a half hours in F21 but it was NO WHERE near enough!

Also with a store located in Causeway Bay is Hollister. I took one step into that dimmed entrance and I seriously thought I was entering a club or something because of the music blasting throughout the store. And yes, the front of the store is lined with LCD screens. I LOVED the smell of the shop - despite being a men's cologne they spritz inside, I was contemplating whether or not to purchase it but I didn't and now I'm kicking myself for not getting it! Next time I visit a Hollister store, I'm definitely getting a bottle. It smelt soooo good! I would sit around any guy all day if he smelt like that!
(....that was slightly exaggerated.)

The clothes in Hollister are slightly on the expensive side - most things I looked at ranged from AU$30-$90 and they are very casual pieces of clothing. The guys who work there are super good looking though and they all speak English too! ... and they have American accents! I loved it in there, ha! They also had a really good playlist going.

I think there are two stores currently open in Hong Kong - one at Kowloon Tong's Festival Walk Shopping Centre and one in Causeway Bay at Hysan Place. There's also an Abercrombie & Fitch in HK which I didn't get a chance to visit.. but I heard the guys who work there are good looking too. ;)

H&M is actually making it's way down to Australia! Unlike Forever 21 and Hollister, H&M is located at a number of different locations. My favourite store to go to would be the one at Olympian City Shopping Centre, because it is the quietest! I've been to many of the other stores and each time I go there, I end up wasting a heap of my time in queues for both the fitting rooms and the check out. At Olympian City, I go in afternoon and the store is still surprisingly quite.

The store sizes vary depending on the location you visit. Some only have one level whereas others have two or three. H&M has clothes that are in the same price range as F21 and also clothes that are a little more expensive. They also have great sales every week! Compared to Forever 21, I find the clothes at H&M to be of slightly better quality and I noticed that they also target their clothes to a wider range of ages.

If you're a makeup lover, then Hong Kong is also the perfect place to go. Sasa, Colourmix and Bonjour are similar stores that carry various brands of beauty products. The brands in these three stores vary and these three shops are pretty much everywhere in HK. And I mean EVERYWHERE. I think I saw three Sasa stores on the same road once. 

Aside from those three stores, you could check out department stores which have what seems like a never ending range of counters specifically for beauty products or even just go to a shopping centre which will without a doubt have makeup stores for particular brands. From designer brands like Chanel, YSL and Georgio Armani to MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Shu Uemura, etc etc etc etc... Hong Kong pretty much is a one stop shop for cosmetics. If you're a fan of Korean cosmetics, they also have various shops that sell those brands too.

I realised that I've forgotten to mention a place that's quite popular for affordable shopping in Hong Kong - these are the little unnamed boutiques that sell items of clothing for ridiculously cheap prices. I'm talking AU $8 for skirts and $13 for knitted sweaters. They also do a pretty good job at keeping up with the latest trends. I would recommend checking out Mong Kok's Argyle Centre for a multi story building filled with these stores, or even Kwai Fong's Kwai Chung Plaza. I did shop in these stores and I definitely do like them because of the prices, but keep in mind that the quality of the clothes sold here are not made to last. 


The specific stores I mentioned today probably only make up about 20% of the range of places you could shop at in Hong Kong. Sorry for the post being so wordy but I could really go on forever. I cannot express how perfect this place is if you love to shop. But this concludes Part 2 of my Hong Kong trip. 

I've decided to have a third part which will be on my digital perm that I got whilst in HK and will be up soon, so until then!

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