Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm back! Update & 18th Birthday


This post is here to kind of let you know that I'm still alive... it's been a few months since I last blogged but I did recently came back from my trip to Hong Kong and I will be blogging again soon.

I'm planning to post my Hong Kong trip in either two or three parts and they'll hopefully be up within the next few weeks - depending on when I get them done.

Oh, I realised that I missed both Christmas and New Years on my hiatus so even though it's EXTREMELY late, I hope everyone had a great time and made amazing memories on both of those holidays!

- - -

It was also my birthday recently and I turned 18 - yay finally legal! I was only planning to go out to lunch with 3 of my friends, but they had actually planned a surprise picnic kinda thing with my whole group from school who I hadn't seen in months and it was the cutest thing! I had NO IDEA they were all going to be there and it was just such a... happy day! :')

A lot of us are going separate ways since we graduated high school last year, and I've heard quite a lot of people say that they don't keep in touch with their school friends, but I hope we don't drift. These people are amazing!

I'll keep this post short and will hopefully have another up soon. Have a nice weekend!

- - -
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