Monday, November 26, 2012

Valedictory Nails w/ an Ulta3 Gradient

The dress I wore to my Valedictory dinner last week was in a shade of fuchsia and it was complemented with gold jewelry - so, I decided to also match my nails by painting them purple and gold!

I chose to go with a gradient because I seriously need to practice them, and I ended up quite liking the colour combination of the metallic purple and gold.

Used one coat of Ulta3 Gold Fever as a base and then sponged Ulta3 Pearly Grape over it.

In my experience, the consistencies of Ulta3 nail polishes vary as I have a couple of bottles that have great formulas and others that aren't so great. Gold Fever is one bottle I purchased that has a very thick consistency and it was VERY easy to end up with a streaky finish (which is one I'm not particularly fond of). Pearly grape on the other hand applies soooo beautifully! :p It has a really smooth formula and definitely feels like a polish that would cost more than the $2.25 I paid.

This was not a sponsored post by the way. It was purely coincidental that I had only used Ulta3 products - but I do think it's a pretty decent polish brand. I mean, the polishes do retail at ONLY $2.25 which is a massive, massive bargain for Australian cosmetics.

I'm hoping to get another one or two posts in before I go overseas... so until next time, hope you enjoy your week!

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