Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A TINY Gmarket Haul (Skincare)

I don't know if it's just me or not, but I find that every time I make a order on Gmarket, I tend to order at least 7-8 things... usually more. So this time, when i only purchased 5 items, I was kind of surprised lol ><

I made a really small order for two reasons; firstly, because I've been needing to get a new cleanser, toner AND moisturizer, and secondly because I wanted to use a gift certificate I won from Gmarket which was only 50,000 won.

So this order ended up being basically a skin care haul since I purchased a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and hand cream.

A bit of info on Gmarket's gift certificates/cash balance:
When you use gift certifcates on Gmarket, they get transferred to your Gaccount into your cash balance. The thing I don't like about paying with your cash balance is the fact that you have to have enough cash to pay for your entire order... including shipping. This sucks because shipping is quite expensive... mine was 29,800 won (approx $27) just for five items, which is SO EXPENSIVE! >:(

So because I couldn't spend that much, this order was the smallest I've ever made on Gmarket.


The Saem Snail Trio Hand Cream - "Cherry Blossom"
5,900 won ≈ $5.00 AUD )
This is seriously soooo ADORABLE! I purchased the cherry blossom one, but there are two other scents and I'm DEFINITELY going to get them both. They are just so cute!
This hand cream smells really flowery, it is a tad stronger than what I expected, but the smell is pleasant and sweet. It also has very light consistency, so I really like it.

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
9,900 won ≈ $9.00 AUD )
I had a 5ml sample of this which I used a while ago, and I LOVED IT! This is probably one of my absolute favourite cleansers.
It is seriously AMAZING! Maybe it's cause my expectations were really low before using it, for some reason the fact that it had baking powder made me reluctant to use it, but this is one of those cleansers where you can feel a difference in your skin the next day!
It does  have a slight baking powder scent BUT it isn't a bad smell (in my opinion). 
It's really really great, and the full 300ml product is MASSIVE and I know it will last me ages because last time, my 5ml sample lasted about a week- and I used it morning and night.

Etude House Skin Mal:gem Toner - "Smoother"
12,000 won ≈ $11.00 AUD )
The toner I brought is also from Etude House. I haven't actually used it yet, but I did take a whiff of it and it smells really nice and fresh! I love the bottle too... it's the prettiest toner I have. ^^
The one that I purchased, Smoother, removes residual buildup and tightens pores to prevent acne and pimples.

9,900 won for both ≈ $8.90 AUD )
I'm really picky with my daily moisturizers so I'm constantly changing brands. I decided to try out this one, since it was a buy one get one free offer lol! The one with Witch Hazel is for clearing pores, and it has more of a gel like consistency. It feels light on my skin and it does not make my face look oily so that's a massive plus! But the down side about it is the witch hazel scent is quite strong. 
The other moisturizer, with the Milk, is for brightening your complexion, which in my opinion, just works and feels like an average moisturizing cream. I use this one at night on some days, but I use the witch hazel one daily every morning.
I think that the witch hazel moisturizer is quite good, and I like it, but I'm still searching for that perfect moisturizer for my skin. I've yet to try a water based moisturizer but I definitely will, as I have heard great reviews on them.


Well that's my haul!
Oh and just letting you know, if you're interested in buying either the cleanser or moisturizers, they are on sale now! ...I was a bit shattered that I missed the sale haha :(

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