Monday, July 2, 2012

REVIEW: Born Pretty Store Dotting Tool

I was contacted by Born Pretty Store a while ago to do a review on one of their items and so this post is quite overdue. Because I'm on my school holidays (YAY!), I was finally able use and review my dotting tools I got. I will definitely be using these again in the future so look out for the posts. :')

So as you can see, I'm reviewing Born Pretty Store's pink dotting tools which I used to create the polka dots pictured above, and these dotting tools are very cheap as they only cost $4.74 for a five pack! I did the math and yeap, that's less than $1 each! 8)

As you'll be able to see from the pictures below, there are various sizes of the metal tips so you can create tiny polka dots or larger ones. The dotting tool itself is basically the same size as a pen, maybe a bit shorter- but it feels like I'm holding a pen when I'm using it lol!

This was my first time using dotting tools and they are quite easy to use... it's just getting it to look right on my nail was a challenge for me at times. Sometimes the dots would appear different sizes or I wouldn't dot them in the places I wanted to, so it would turn out looking weird.

For this mani, I used a pastel baby blue polish: Color Club Factory Girl, and a pastel baby purple polish: The Face Shop PP404. I used the dotting tool with the biggest sized metal 'dotter'.

TIPS for using dotting tools:
- Don't rush. I found that when I rushed, my hand would often slip and the dot would come out oval looking, or I would dot in the wrong place.
- Don't dip the tool into your nail polish bottle... chances are it will come out with a lot more polish than you need. I recommend putting a blob of polish on a piece of paper (or something disposable and flat) and then dipping the tool into that.
- Once you finish, remember to clean the tips with a tissue (or nail polish remover.) so you can reuse them again.
- Practice makes perfect! Yes, very lame but it's true!

Overall, I can see myself using these more in the future. They are so versatile and hopefully I can come up with much better and more creative designs.

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