Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello! I have a super important chem exam tomorrow which I am soooo freakn screwed for but somehow I ended up painting my nails and photographing them. Despite not having time to take proper photos of my manis these last few months, I am slightly worried, after realizing how great my procrastination skills are since I managed to find the time to post this up today... which is not exactly a good thing if I flunk this exam as I should be studying my ass off this very minute. :( :( :(

I really like this mani though! :')

The blue glitter I am wearing sadly doesn't have a name... it is a random cheap asian brand polish I brought on my holiday to Hong Kong earlier this year for around.. I think it was less than $1 ??  BUT if you like it, then check out this blue glitter from your local The Face Shop store which is literally a dupe of this polish.

I layered it over Sally Hansen's Black Out and then in the last few photos , I added a matte top coat.

Pictures below are with one coat of Etude House Real Matte top coat.

Which one do you like better, shiny or matte?!

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