Friday, May 4, 2012

Gmarket Review and Haul

*note: This is going to be a fairly long post*

So Gmarket is kind of like Korea's ebay minus the bidding. Basically, there is a tonne of sellers that have stores on there (just like ebay) but instead of buying everything separately, you add the items you want into your cart and G-market ships it all together for you. As it is a Korean site, the majority of items on there are Korean and they range from cosmetics to clothes to food and even furniture. Let's just say you can practically find anything Korean on G-market.

[There is an English site BUT the listings of the actual items are most likely going to be in Korean. This is my third order from them so I have got the hang of recognizing the Korean characters but if you do not know how to read Korean, then you may have to do some memorizing of each character. Google translate may be helpful but take note that it might be very time consuming.]

G-market ships worldwide with EMS- meaning it's fast but slightly pricier. However, I find that the more you buy, the more decent the shipping gets. (I have a habit of combining the total cost of my items + the total cost of shipping, and then dividing it by the number of items I purchased................ so sorry if I confused you!)

So to my order ~ I ordered 13 things (some are my friends things so I'll only be reviewing what I got) which totaled to 119,060 Korean won and it was approximately weighed as 5.85kg before Gmarket shipped it out to me, meaning the shipping I had to pay was 50, 800. Totaling to 169,860 won (approximately 165,00 AUD). This purchase has made a MASSIVE hole in my bank account. ):

My package actually weighed 3.46kg instead so I was overcharged by about $9.00... which is the highest I've ever been overcharged. I was kind of bummed about this... I mean, 2 kilos off? Geez!

- click the names of the items for the links to the sellers shop. If you need help on finding the names then just comment and I'll help out :)
- i have attached the stock photo as well as my own photos.*

[In this photo: Etude House hand creams, Tony Moly nail polish and Etude House matte top coat]

Tony Moly GS10 - Pinky Star
3,000 won ( ≈ $2.70 US)
Really pretty pastel pink polish with red, gold and silver glitter. Will swatch this soon!

Etude House Matte Real Top Coat
4,000 won ( ≈ $3.60 US)
I have wanted a matte top coat for ages and so I settled for this one since Etude House is quite a good brand that I have used and I have already worn this top coat and it works great! So glad that I decided to buy it and i totally recommend it if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Essie's Matte About You.

Etude House Bee Happy Hand Cream
5,500 won each ( ≈ $5.10 US)
The K-pop band SHINee endorsed these super adorable hand creams.... I couldn't not put them in my shopping cart! The honeybee smells like acacia and the baby caterpillar (the green one) smells like citrus... they smell really light and fresh! SO CUTE!

Green Chiffon Blouse
14,800 won ( ≈ $14.40 US)
The material is great, it feels durable for quite a cheap chiffon top. I love the colour too! I would definitely buy from this shop again and I would recommend buying from it as they have a range of blouses that seem to be of good quality and price.

Dark Navy Scalloped Shorts - S
12,490 won ( ≈ $12.00 US)
I finally got my hands on scalloped shorts and although I did want a light navy pair, this is close enough! The quality of the shorts is really good and it almost fits me perfectly. It's a tad loose.. but just a tad. When I tuck my shirt in it practically fits perfectly so it's all good. I think I want to grab another pair of these shorts, maybe in light pink.

[In this photo: Beige Cardigan and Red Scarf]
Beige Cardigan
24,610 won ( ≈ $24.00 US)
I actually wanted to buy the mustard yellow one except I wasn't sure if I should take the risk... for some reason I had a gut feeling that the colour would be different from the stock photos and so I decided to be safe and just go with the beige. This cardigan is really warm, and quite thick- if they had a  maroon one I would probably buy it lol!

Red Scarf
13,900 won ( ≈ $13.50 US)
It's almost winter in Melbourne and there has already been some chilly days. I wasn't planning to buy a scarf but my friend also brought one and I ended up buying one as well from the same shop. I love the colour- it's red and blue, and it is quite thick too (not like those thinly knitted scarves). This scarf looked maroon/dark red in the stock photo but it was actually more red in real life (as you can see from my photo above). I actually kept this outfit on and ended up wearing it out for the day. ^^

Velvet Flats in Brown and Purple - 235
8,800 won each ( ≈ $8.50 US)
I originally wanted to get these in black however they were sold out, so I was going to get them in green but they also sold out while sitting in my shopping basket. I ended up choosing brown, and then for some reason I decided to get purple too and I'm so glad I did! These flats are so casual yet slightly different from the flats you see around everyday. They fit perfectly too and they were so cheap!

Lace Detail Denim Shirt
16,900 won ( ≈ $16.55 US)
This was another thing that I didn't plan to buy, but I saw it and the lace collar was such a pretty detail... I just had to buy it. After getting it, I feel like I could have probably added the lace on my own (diy) because it was practically sewn on top of the collar, but oh well!

And that's everything! I am very happy with this order. Since I was overcharged by $9.00 on shipping, the cash in my gaccount is growing so there will definitely more G-market hauls in the future! I think G-market is actually one of my favourite online shops to shop at (although it can be very time consuming and eats up all my internet usage). :3

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