Monday, November 26, 2012

Valedictory Nails w/ an Ulta3 Gradient

The dress I wore to my Valedictory dinner last week was in a shade of fuchsia and it was complemented with gold jewelry - so, I decided to also match my nails by painting them purple and gold!

I chose to go with a gradient because I seriously need to practice them, and I ended up quite liking the colour combination of the metallic purple and gold.

Used one coat of Ulta3 Gold Fever as a base and then sponged Ulta3 Pearly Grape over it.

In my experience, the consistencies of Ulta3 nail polishes vary as I have a couple of bottles that have great formulas and others that aren't so great. Gold Fever is one bottle I purchased that has a very thick consistency and it was VERY easy to end up with a streaky finish (which is one I'm not particularly fond of). Pearly grape on the other hand applies soooo beautifully! :p It has a really smooth formula and definitely feels like a polish that would cost more than the $2.25 I paid.

This was not a sponsored post by the way. It was purely coincidental that I had only used Ulta3 products - but I do think it's a pretty decent polish brand. I mean, the polishes do retail at ONLY $2.25 which is a massive, massive bargain for Australian cosmetics.

I'm hoping to get another one or two posts in before I go overseas... so until next time, hope you enjoy your week!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rimmel London & Loreal Paris - Bright Pink and Yellow Gradient

First attempt at a gradient! The gradient photos may look a tad dull as the polish kind of lost its shine and the tips of my polish are also faded but I'd just like to let you know that these photos were actually taken about three days after I painted my nails - I almost didn't have time to take a few shots - but in saying that, the polish surprisingly didn't chip until the sixth day!

On my nails is Rimmel London's Lasting Finish polish in Hot Shot, which is a bright hot pink and is sponged over a Loreal Paris Resist and Shine polish in yellow (the bottle doesn't have a specific name or number :S).

Below is the Loreal polish alone - I love it! it's such a radiant and happy yellow... perfect for Summer! And it lasted me a whole week without chipping too :D

There's definitely going to be more gradients on my blog in the future... hopefully I'll get better at them too!


My year 12 exams are coming up and so I know I'll be even busier than what I already have been these past few weeks so I'm not sure when my next post will be. I know I don't post much anyway but this might be a longer hiatus than my usual breaks.
I may be able to slip in one or two posts after my exams are over... but I'm going overseas for a while as well so there will be no blogging until I get back.

When I come back though, I'm hoping to hold a giveaway because it will have past my one year blogaversary (which, because of my tendencies to never stick to one thing for a while, I never thought I would reach) and then hopefully I can start regularly posting as I'm going to have a heap of free time.


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beautorium Goodies! (Haul)

This post is more for my Aussie readers... I've honestly been so excited to post this, I've been waiting on this event to happen for months! ^^

You may have, or may not have heard of Beauty Heaven, but it is an Australian website where people can read and share thoughts as well as review all things related to 'beauty'. 

Beauty Heaven also has a reward system for members to redeem products with points earned from reviewing products and participating in their forums. It's called Beautorium, and I love it! 

I have been a member since last year, so I have been accumulating points for a while now and I think I've reviewed just about every cosmetic I own! :O

All you have to pay is $9.95 for shipping (for 4+ items, or $4.95 for less than 3) and you can grab as much as you want! As long as you have the points of course.


We got to window shop before Beautorium officially opened and the three items that I REALLY wanted were the Braun Epilator, VS Sasson Wave Envy Styler and the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume.

I didn't get them.

It opened at 12:00pm (on the dot) on Thursday a few weeks ago, and I got onto the computer at about 12:05............... and I was actually able to get those three items in my cart! I was ecstatic... BUT then at like 12:10, the perfume went out of stock so I had to manually remove it from my cart and since the site was so slow (because of all the people on), by the time I removed the perfume, the hair styler went out of stock.... so I had to remove that and wait for it to load, and by the time I removed that- THE EPILATOR WAS OUT OF STOCK. I was going crazy!

It was so frustrating because since so many people were online at the same time, the site was sloooow. A heap of the other items I wanted ended up getting out of stock too whilst in my cart (the site was seriously slow)... I didn't even get any of the Picture Polish nail polishes I had my eyes on! 

I almost cried! I was freaking out and I was still in class, and the teacher was annoying me to do some uni course thing, and omg- it was so hectic! 

I was kind of annoyed because I had the items in my cart already... if only I checked out sooner or something! But since I wasn't in the best mood, I ended up splurging and grabbing a whole heap of stuff which was kind of stupid. But when I got home, I realised that most of the stuff I got were things I needed or didn't have so I guess it was alright.

That was starting to turn into more of a rant... woops! So here's what I got my hands on:

From left to right:
Dove Invisible Dry Anti White Marks Roll-on Deodorant - RRP $5.47
Dove Heat Defence Therapy Hear Activated Protect & Shine Mist - RRP $8.41
Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel in Modern Grace - RRP $15.95
Loreal Base Magique Primer - This was a free sample which BH included :')
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Mask - RRP $9.99
Bio Sculpture Lavender Base Nail Treatment - RRP $24.75
Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm - RRP $8.99
Dove Visible Beauty Nourishing Body Lotion - This was also a free sample
SAX Sheer Lip Colour Lipstick in Nude - RRP $14.95

A couple more products here ~

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Airbrushing Loose Powder in Translucent - RRP $29.95
Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls Blush in Rose Pearl - RRP $21.95
WOTNOT Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes - RRP $7.95
Manicare Glameyes Fashion Lashes in Jessica - RRP $11.95
Urban Rituelle Sweet Treats Petit Hand Cream in Pomegranate, Ginger Apple and Vanilla (I also got the Cotton Candy one but it didn't fit into the photo) - RRP $14.50

The prices are taken from Beautyheaven's website. 

So in the end, although I didn't get what I originally wanted, I'm still OVERJOYED with my haul! I mean, all that was only ten bux! 

If you're living in Australia then I defs recommend you to sign up to Beautyheaven and start reviewing your products! Not only will you get points, but the BH community are actually really nice people AND that site is loaded with beauty tips, information, competitions, tutorials, reviews... etc! :)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A TINY Gmarket Haul (Skincare)

I don't know if it's just me or not, but I find that every time I make a order on Gmarket, I tend to order at least 7-8 things... usually more. So this time, when i only purchased 5 items, I was kind of surprised lol ><

I made a really small order for two reasons; firstly, because I've been needing to get a new cleanser, toner AND moisturizer, and secondly because I wanted to use a gift certificate I won from Gmarket which was only 50,000 won.

So this order ended up being basically a skin care haul since I purchased a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and hand cream.

A bit of info on Gmarket's gift certificates/cash balance:
When you use gift certifcates on Gmarket, they get transferred to your Gaccount into your cash balance. The thing I don't like about paying with your cash balance is the fact that you have to have enough cash to pay for your entire order... including shipping. This sucks because shipping is quite expensive... mine was 29,800 won (approx $27) just for five items, which is SO EXPENSIVE! >:(

So because I couldn't spend that much, this order was the smallest I've ever made on Gmarket.


The Saem Snail Trio Hand Cream - "Cherry Blossom"
5,900 won ≈ $5.00 AUD )
This is seriously soooo ADORABLE! I purchased the cherry blossom one, but there are two other scents and I'm DEFINITELY going to get them both. They are just so cute!
This hand cream smells really flowery, it is a tad stronger than what I expected, but the smell is pleasant and sweet. It also has very light consistency, so I really like it.

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
9,900 won ≈ $9.00 AUD )
I had a 5ml sample of this which I used a while ago, and I LOVED IT! This is probably one of my absolute favourite cleansers.
It is seriously AMAZING! Maybe it's cause my expectations were really low before using it, for some reason the fact that it had baking powder made me reluctant to use it, but this is one of those cleansers where you can feel a difference in your skin the next day!
It does  have a slight baking powder scent BUT it isn't a bad smell (in my opinion). 
It's really really great, and the full 300ml product is MASSIVE and I know it will last me ages because last time, my 5ml sample lasted about a week- and I used it morning and night.

Etude House Skin Mal:gem Toner - "Smoother"
12,000 won ≈ $11.00 AUD )
The toner I brought is also from Etude House. I haven't actually used it yet, but I did take a whiff of it and it smells really nice and fresh! I love the bottle too... it's the prettiest toner I have. ^^
The one that I purchased, Smoother, removes residual buildup and tightens pores to prevent acne and pimples.

9,900 won for both ≈ $8.90 AUD )
I'm really picky with my daily moisturizers so I'm constantly changing brands. I decided to try out this one, since it was a buy one get one free offer lol! The one with Witch Hazel is for clearing pores, and it has more of a gel like consistency. It feels light on my skin and it does not make my face look oily so that's a massive plus! But the down side about it is the witch hazel scent is quite strong. 
The other moisturizer, with the Milk, is for brightening your complexion, which in my opinion, just works and feels like an average moisturizing cream. I use this one at night on some days, but I use the witch hazel one daily every morning.
I think that the witch hazel moisturizer is quite good, and I like it, but I'm still searching for that perfect moisturizer for my skin. I've yet to try a water based moisturizer but I definitely will, as I have heard great reviews on them.


Well that's my haul!
Oh and just letting you know, if you're interested in buying either the cleanser or moisturizers, they are on sale now! ...I was a bit shattered that I missed the sale haha :(

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Monday, July 2, 2012

REVIEW: Born Pretty Store Dotting Tool

I was contacted by Born Pretty Store a while ago to do a review on one of their items and so this post is quite overdue. Because I'm on my school holidays (YAY!), I was finally able use and review my dotting tools I got. I will definitely be using these again in the future so look out for the posts. :')

So as you can see, I'm reviewing Born Pretty Store's pink dotting tools which I used to create the polka dots pictured above, and these dotting tools are very cheap as they only cost $4.74 for a five pack! I did the math and yeap, that's less than $1 each! 8)

As you'll be able to see from the pictures below, there are various sizes of the metal tips so you can create tiny polka dots or larger ones. The dotting tool itself is basically the same size as a pen, maybe a bit shorter- but it feels like I'm holding a pen when I'm using it lol!

This was my first time using dotting tools and they are quite easy to use... it's just getting it to look right on my nail was a challenge for me at times. Sometimes the dots would appear different sizes or I wouldn't dot them in the places I wanted to, so it would turn out looking weird.

For this mani, I used a pastel baby blue polish: Color Club Factory Girl, and a pastel baby purple polish: The Face Shop PP404. I used the dotting tool with the biggest sized metal 'dotter'.

TIPS for using dotting tools:
- Don't rush. I found that when I rushed, my hand would often slip and the dot would come out oval looking, or I would dot in the wrong place.
- Don't dip the tool into your nail polish bottle... chances are it will come out with a lot more polish than you need. I recommend putting a blob of polish on a piece of paper (or something disposable and flat) and then dipping the tool into that.
- Once you finish, remember to clean the tips with a tissue (or nail polish remover.) so you can reuse them again.
- Practice makes perfect! Yes, very lame but it's true!

Overall, I can see myself using these more in the future. They are so versatile and hopefully I can come up with much better and more creative designs.

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Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello! I have a super important chem exam tomorrow which I am soooo freakn screwed for but somehow I ended up painting my nails and photographing them. Despite not having time to take proper photos of my manis these last few months, I am slightly worried, after realizing how great my procrastination skills are since I managed to find the time to post this up today... which is not exactly a good thing if I flunk this exam as I should be studying my ass off this very minute. :( :( :(

I really like this mani though! :')

The blue glitter I am wearing sadly doesn't have a name... it is a random cheap asian brand polish I brought on my holiday to Hong Kong earlier this year for around.. I think it was less than $1 ??  BUT if you like it, then check out this blue glitter from your local The Face Shop store which is literally a dupe of this polish.

I layered it over Sally Hansen's Black Out and then in the last few photos , I added a matte top coat.

Pictures below are with one coat of Etude House Real Matte top coat.

Which one do you like better, shiny or matte?!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Gmarket Review and Haul

*note: This is going to be a fairly long post*

So Gmarket is kind of like Korea's ebay minus the bidding. Basically, there is a tonne of sellers that have stores on there (just like ebay) but instead of buying everything separately, you add the items you want into your cart and G-market ships it all together for you. As it is a Korean site, the majority of items on there are Korean and they range from cosmetics to clothes to food and even furniture. Let's just say you can practically find anything Korean on G-market.

[There is an English site BUT the listings of the actual items are most likely going to be in Korean. This is my third order from them so I have got the hang of recognizing the Korean characters but if you do not know how to read Korean, then you may have to do some memorizing of each character. Google translate may be helpful but take note that it might be very time consuming.]

G-market ships worldwide with EMS- meaning it's fast but slightly pricier. However, I find that the more you buy, the more decent the shipping gets. (I have a habit of combining the total cost of my items + the total cost of shipping, and then dividing it by the number of items I purchased................ so sorry if I confused you!)

So to my order ~ I ordered 13 things (some are my friends things so I'll only be reviewing what I got) which totaled to 119,060 Korean won and it was approximately weighed as 5.85kg before Gmarket shipped it out to me, meaning the shipping I had to pay was 50, 800. Totaling to 169,860 won (approximately 165,00 AUD). This purchase has made a MASSIVE hole in my bank account. ):

My package actually weighed 3.46kg instead so I was overcharged by about $9.00... which is the highest I've ever been overcharged. I was kind of bummed about this... I mean, 2 kilos off? Geez!

- click the names of the items for the links to the sellers shop. If you need help on finding the names then just comment and I'll help out :)
- i have attached the stock photo as well as my own photos.*

[In this photo: Etude House hand creams, Tony Moly nail polish and Etude House matte top coat]

Tony Moly GS10 - Pinky Star
3,000 won ( ≈ $2.70 US)
Really pretty pastel pink polish with red, gold and silver glitter. Will swatch this soon!

Etude House Matte Real Top Coat
4,000 won ( ≈ $3.60 US)
I have wanted a matte top coat for ages and so I settled for this one since Etude House is quite a good brand that I have used and I have already worn this top coat and it works great! So glad that I decided to buy it and i totally recommend it if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Essie's Matte About You.

Etude House Bee Happy Hand Cream
5,500 won each ( ≈ $5.10 US)
The K-pop band SHINee endorsed these super adorable hand creams.... I couldn't not put them in my shopping cart! The honeybee smells like acacia and the baby caterpillar (the green one) smells like citrus... they smell really light and fresh! SO CUTE!

Green Chiffon Blouse
14,800 won ( ≈ $14.40 US)
The material is great, it feels durable for quite a cheap chiffon top. I love the colour too! I would definitely buy from this shop again and I would recommend buying from it as they have a range of blouses that seem to be of good quality and price.

Dark Navy Scalloped Shorts - S
12,490 won ( ≈ $12.00 US)
I finally got my hands on scalloped shorts and although I did want a light navy pair, this is close enough! The quality of the shorts is really good and it almost fits me perfectly. It's a tad loose.. but just a tad. When I tuck my shirt in it practically fits perfectly so it's all good. I think I want to grab another pair of these shorts, maybe in light pink.

[In this photo: Beige Cardigan and Red Scarf]
Beige Cardigan
24,610 won ( ≈ $24.00 US)
I actually wanted to buy the mustard yellow one except I wasn't sure if I should take the risk... for some reason I had a gut feeling that the colour would be different from the stock photos and so I decided to be safe and just go with the beige. This cardigan is really warm, and quite thick- if they had a  maroon one I would probably buy it lol!

Red Scarf
13,900 won ( ≈ $13.50 US)
It's almost winter in Melbourne and there has already been some chilly days. I wasn't planning to buy a scarf but my friend also brought one and I ended up buying one as well from the same shop. I love the colour- it's red and blue, and it is quite thick too (not like those thinly knitted scarves). This scarf looked maroon/dark red in the stock photo but it was actually more red in real life (as you can see from my photo above). I actually kept this outfit on and ended up wearing it out for the day. ^^

Velvet Flats in Brown and Purple - 235
8,800 won each ( ≈ $8.50 US)
I originally wanted to get these in black however they were sold out, so I was going to get them in green but they also sold out while sitting in my shopping basket. I ended up choosing brown, and then for some reason I decided to get purple too and I'm so glad I did! These flats are so casual yet slightly different from the flats you see around everyday. They fit perfectly too and they were so cheap!

Lace Detail Denim Shirt
16,900 won ( ≈ $16.55 US)
This was another thing that I didn't plan to buy, but I saw it and the lace collar was such a pretty detail... I just had to buy it. After getting it, I feel like I could have probably added the lace on my own (diy) because it was practically sewn on top of the collar, but oh well!

And that's everything! I am very happy with this order. Since I was overcharged by $9.00 on shipping, the cash in my gaccount is growing so there will definitely more G-market hauls in the future! I think G-market is actually one of my favourite online shops to shop at (although it can be very time consuming and eats up all my internet usage). :3

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